Ultrasonic flowmeter

Product description

Ultrasonic flowmeter is an instrument that measures the flow of liquid in a circular tube based on the “speed difference method” principle. Using advanced multi-pulse technology, signal digital processing technology and error correction technology to make the ultrasonic flowmeter more adaptable to the industrial zone environment and convenient, economical measurement and more precisely. The products have reached domestic and foreign advanced level and can be widely used in the fields of oil and gas, chemical, metallurgy, electricity, water supply and drainage.

USF1000 Type

USF1000 Gas, Steam and Liquid Flow Meter is a device manufactured by HANSUNG-KOREA. This is one of the large and reputable corporations in the research and production of monitoring equipment, flow measurement, pressure measurement, ultrasonic level measurement … With 20 years of working experience, combined with appying the most modern technology, all products of HANSUNG …