About Us

Company introduction

Our business motto is to always bring the best products to customers Welcome. Welcome, all the visitors that log in to the Hansung website. Hansung r, Korea’s only professional flow meter manufacturer, is a long-standing company and has led the domestic flowmeter industry since its founding in 1991. Hansung is committed to product development and quality improvement has been successful in localizing different types of flow meters and has been teaching metrology to consumers with accumulated know-how for more than 30 years. In addition, the safety and reliability of manufactured products have been further improved through the certification of a number of domestic and international quality standards and the operation of the flow calibration system.

In the future, Hansung Flowmeter will quickly adapt to the changes of the times based on advanced technology and rich experience accumulated to meet the development of domestic industry and the needs of the customers. We will do our best to become the leading company in the market.

We would like to express our deep thanks to all of you who care for and love the Korean flowmeters, and we are committed that all staff will do their best to manufacture and supply the products with high quality and more competitive as a reliable partner of customers.

The company currently produces and consumes main lines such as KFL-DC Smart Electromagnetic Flow meter, KFL-DC Smart Vortex Flow Meters, KFL-Z Smart Flow Meters (D) (smart electronic water flow meter), KFL-CDK Smart Flow Meter and Controller, KFL-YF Smart Pressure Control System with perfect technology, good reputation and all have been approved by the Zhejiang Department of Quality and Engineering Supervision certifies the standard when testing machine form and measurement instrument manufacturing license, and also owns many product patents. Our company persistently adhere to the motto “Technology innovation, continuous self-improvement”, constantly collecting and acquiring advanced domestic and foreign technology, production techniques, and long-term cooperation with many domestic and foreign research and design units to jointly develop high-tech and potential products on the market; In terms of service, our company has a team of experienced after-sales service dedicated to serving customers. Technological innovation is the driving force of the business, customer satisfaction is the goal that we constantly pursue. Responding to the support and love of domestic and foreign customers, all employees always against the market with the awarness of “Honesty, top technology, top quality, customer satisfaction”. Choosing Kaflon, we will become long-term partners. Kaflon always welcomes your visit and contact.

Our faith

Company Vision: Professional and reliable flow measurement and control specialist.

Enterprise Purpose: creating value for society, creating value for customers, creating value for employees, creating value for shareholders.

Company slogan: Create value professionally .

Company Philosophy: Positively and Actively cooperate for mutual benefit, consistent principles, constantly innovating.

Positively and Actively: We value a positive attitude and an active mindset to perform jobs and serve customers.

Mutually beneficial cooperation: We insist on mutually beneficial cooperation and creating value for our partners.

Matching principle: We support a view of adapting to time, place, people and circumstances to provide our customers with more tailored solutions.

Constantly innovation: We believe that continuous learning, bravely trying, and continuous innovation can create greater value.

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Our history

2017  strategic layout smart instrument, artificial intelligence industry.

2015  Successfully participated in the world’s largest chemical exhibition in 2015 – Achema exhibition in Germany, and received great response.

2011-2014  we will invest 50 million yuan to build Kangfulong Industrial Park, expand various flow meters and intelligent measurement and control equipment, and build a platform for measurement and control products.

2010  the third-generation intelligent electromagnetic flowmeter was successfully developed, and it was the first in China to launch a series of products for different industries.

2008  the second generation of intelligent electromagnetic flowmeters was launched in the market and began to be widely used in the environmental protection wastewater industry.

2007 became Tier-1 PetroChina’s supplier.

2006 successfully penetrated the South American market.

2005 successfully passed the ISO9000 quality management system certification.

2004 the first generation of electromagnetic flow meters was successfully launched, and after continuous efforts, the first generation of electromagnetic flow meters began to be used in major oil fields across the country after 1 year of rigorous testing.

2004 Successfully passed the prototype test and obtained CMC certificate: Achieved successful measuring instrument prototype test certificate, executed mass production and investment effort. Development of electromagnetic flow meters and pressure generators.

2002 Hansung was established: successfully tested electromagnetic flow meter, smart flow meter and electronic water meter.

Calibration device

For the instrument, the most important thing is its repeatability and accuracy. This is why Comfort Long has been committed to building the world’s top calibration center.

Before leaving the factory, each instrument undergoes a volumetric comparison type wet calibration. This calibration method is one of the most accurate methods for volume flow meter calibration in the world. Each instrument will get its own calibration certificate after calibration. The accuracy of the calibration device is ten times that of the measured accuracy of the flow meter. This means that our calibration device can very reliably guarantee the accuracy of our factory instruments.