Flow Controller

Product description

The HS-CDK series of smart flow controllers (hereinafter referred to as controllers) is based on the actual situation of high-pressure water injection in Chinese oil fields , combined with international advanced technology and relying on the company’s long-term production for electronic water meters, high precision flow meters and other series Solid foundation of products and other meticulously developed new high-tech products with precise flow metering, intelligent data processing, instantaneous flow arbitrary setting and automatic adjustment function.
The successful development of this new product completely changed the traditional practice that the water spray rate could only be adjusted manually. The traditional manual flow rate adjustment not only takes effort and time, but also causes human error or data error. Low efficiency directly affects the rebound factor. The use of controller and its excellent product performance can truly meet the technological requirements for evenly sprayed water by volume. It can be said that this is a major technological innovation in the field of mining water, which will certainly bring significant economic and social benefits.
This controller has two types of integral and split current, the same size has multiple flow measurement ranges, there are two types of AC and DC in external power mode, can try to meet the needs of the user to order according to different blocks. Selection; Shell structure adopts detachable design of “detachable chip” to facilitate user maintenance and periodic verification; also has an advanced electronic and electrical series such as motor overload and overheat protection, anti-vibration, anti-interference, etc. The application of technology makes products more perfect and durable.
High pressure type